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Cloud-E - Autotask Workplace


Introduction to AWP

Autotask Workplace's vision is of a world where teams of professionals can securely access and manage their work from any device at any time to do business faster. Embrace by users and endorsed by IT, more than 150,000 businesses trust AWP for their secure file sharing collaborations needs. Autotask Workplace empowers mobile individuals, teams and organizations do do business faster from any device anywhere.

Autotask Workplace is the leading secure file sharing service purpose-built for business. Autotask Workplace offers organisations the mobile collaboration, security and balance of IT control with set-up-and-go user experience.

Enterprise-grade Security

  • Industry-leading up time and no-breach history

    Autotask Workplace is “up” more than 99.9% of the time and has never experienced a security breach

  • Compliance support

    Meets all the key industry and government security certification requirements such as HIPAA, SSAE 16, PCI to ensure sensitive data

  • Australian geo-redundant data centers in Sydney and Melbourne

    Provides security and ease of compliance with data sovereignty and the Australian Privacy Principals



    Purpose-built for Business AND Users

    • Policy-based control of content, seats and devices

      Visiblity and control of all Projects, files and folders and their permissions, as well as device password policies and data wipe.

    • Flexible and open

      Integration with Active Directory and public API’s for application integration

    • Setup and go

      Easy for users to start working immediately storing, managing and sharing files

    Autotask Workplace is an all-in-one, industrial strength service that enables me to centrally manage all of my files, anywhere, anytime using any device with  a browser

    Andrew Zeif, Partner, Paradigm Counsel

    • Autotask Workplace One-App

      Access, edit, share and store, from our all-in-one application, ensuring ease of use and no data leakage.

    • Optimized content delivering and rendering

      Over fifty file types are rendered to perfection on all mobile devices.

    • Device support

      iPad and iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets Windows Phone and Blackberry phones

    • Team-based sharing

      Manage, organise and share files with ease, controlling access and permissions on all Projects, folders and files.

    Cloud-E Endpoint Backup (CE EB)


    Introduction to CE Endpoint Backup

    Managing business files is one of the most important and complex IT challenges companies currently face. Critical files are constantly being created and saved in large quantities, and that number continues to rise.

    These files are often the most valued assets for a business, and as such must be backed up in real time and protected. They must be easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

    Without access to a simple, automated and monitored business solution, companies risk employees failing to back up their devices, thus losing critical files, delaying your business operations and decreasing productivity. Endpoint Backup delivers a simple to use solution, automatically backing up critical business files and saving them in your portal.

    • Security testing and compliance

      HIPAA and SOC2, 256 AES encryption in transit and at rest

    • Centrally Managed Full configuration

      Consistent and reliable backup of all your devices

    • Fast and easy File Restoration for lost or corrupted data

      Stay ahead of the looping threats of ransomware attacks or other viruses.

    • Root drive backup

      Reduces administration to ensure important folder locations are backup up.

    • Automated scheduled reports

      Visibility into backup status and audit trail of activity.

    Your business’s success relies on securely storing and having access to critical files at any time

    Service features

    Endpoint Desktop Agent:

    The web portal accessed through the Endpoint Backup Desktop agent allows you to quickly see device information, view backup status and restore files from earlier versions of a backup.

    Endpoint Backup Server and Desktop:

    Endpoint Backup supports Windows and Mac. When a file is added to or edited in a location that has been specified for backup, the Endpoint Backup Device automatically recognizes that and begins the backup process

      Why Endpoint Backup

      Endpoint Backup is a cloud-based file backup service that can be deployed, configured and centrally-managed.

      In the online portal you have the ability to:

      • Select the files you want to back up
      • Monitor backup progress
      • Review backup versions
      • Restore files