Cloud-E Security

Next-generation protection for endpoints, networks, and end users powered by Webroot threat intelligence

Cloud-E Secure Web (CE Secure Web)

Introduction to
CE Secure web

Security solutions are often only associated with protection against cyber attacks.However, these same technologies can also be utilized to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve regulatory compliance. MPweb is designed to combat external threats while simultaneously improving internal business operations


Service features

  • integrated anti-spyware protection provided by aware-winning technology
  • URL filtering and file/content type
  • Set internet use policies according to group or user level.
  • Detailed real-time and scheduled reporting.

Why CE Secure Web

With no hardware or software to manage,a lower total cost of ownership and better protection against external threats and internal time-wasting, MPweb is a comprehensive solution designed to replace or enhance your company’s existing security

Stop web based threats and workplace abuse of the internet


Internet access control & management

CE Secure Web has DNS Protection and Threat Intelligence, a cloud-based security solution that proactively prevents communication between your network and web-based threats.
You have the ability to monitor all DNS requests from clients, instantly blocking responses for malicious sites while allowing requests for safe sites to proceed.

  • Security

    Stop known and unknown virus, phishing and malware attacks before they reach your network.

  • Productivity

    Measure and manage internet abuse and time-wasting non-work-related website browsing and downloads.

  • Compliance

    Control access to inappropriate, illegal and offensive sites by category and file types

  • Reduced Ownership Cost

    No hardware or software to purchase and maintain.

  • Reporting

    Real-time forensic reporting logs display which sites and downloads users have attempted to access and whether or not they were allowed.

Cloud-E Endpoint Antivirus (CE AV)

Introduction to CE AV

CE Endpoint Anti-Virus Protection (CE AV) is an innovative solution designed to prevent malware infections and offering unique real-time, cloud-driven security intelligence that protects your business without slowing users down.


Phishing accounted for 90% of successful breaches in 2017

Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

Service features

  • Simple effortless activation
  • Free up IT resources and reduce costs
  • Secure the integrity of business communications
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Around-the-clock protection against threats and attacks


CEAV scans for threats that come from email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and connected devices like USB drives.

  • Capable, feature-rich and required minimal space on your PC hard drive.
  • Rea-time detection and protection of malware
  • Provides protection even when a user is offline
  • Anti-phishing technology blocks risks with 99% accuracy